How to...enjoy your celebration by Neil Saul

Are you counting down the days till your special celebration?

From organising to planning, invitations to decorating - there are a plethora of items one needs to attend to in the lead up to an event, wedding, gala, dinner, birthday and more.

In the hustle and bustle of activity, I often hear from my clients that they are feeling quite overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done and the LAST thing they want to worry about is: will all the special moments be captured?

That is where I see the true value of a photographer. It is so much more than capturing images - it is a privilege and responsibility to be able to capture the special moments, the laughter, the ambiance, the beauty and the glorious atmosphere. A photographer can alleviate so much stress associated with an event because they allow the host(s) to ENJOY their celebration and to partake in all the wonderful moments.

I always view photography as such a wonderful part of any special event or celebration. It brings to life the narrative of the moment and paints a powerful picture of the celebration through colours, perspectives, light, imagery, textures, pixels and more. you prepare for your next event, ask yourself: have you got a photographer / storyteller ready to capture these special moments? - turning moments into memories 

How to...create a fabulous photo by Neil Saul

I'm often asked by my clients: what can I do to create a fabulous photo?

And my answer is always: be uniquely and creatively you!

In the lead up to a photoshoot, whether it be a portrait booking or a dazzling dinner party, find something that you LOVE to wear. From an accessory to a favourite piece of clothing, life is all about being YOU.

The most vibrant photos are those where the participants are relaxed and having a wonderful time. Think of your favourite colour - whether that be blue, pink, black, silver, gold or grey. A photoshoot is all about YOU having a fabulous time and feeling the freedom to explore your creativity.

The other tip that I find works a treat when aiming to have a glamorous time during a photoshoot is to laugh ALOT and pour yourself a well deserved glass of champagne!

At Neil Saul Photography, I adore being able to capture those special snapshots, turning moments into memories. 


How a great photo, layer by layer by Neil Saul

I adore working with my clients.

The reason? Well it's a layered process of uncovering creativity, beauty and memories.

Each photography session is an opportunity to create images that paint a powerful picture, layer by layer. That is what I love about this medium. The application of photography to an event, wedding, special occasion, birthday or dinner is an opportunity to bring to life the particular sentiments and atmosphere of that setting.

Weddings and special celebrations create the perfect landscape - to build a narrative that is vibrant, colourful and majestic. For me it's all about creating a focus point to every photo and allowing the backdrop to further enhance the melody.

I always say to my clients that the beauty of photography is that it can be viewed individually or collectively.

There is great power and uniqueness in an individual photo - holding it in your hands as you look at the details, the memories and the story that is represented. It can take you back to that very point in time and you can almost hear the music in the background, see the twinkling lights of the table and feel the warmth of family and friends.

Similarly, when you look with a bird's eye view at an entire photography collection from a special event or moment in time, it can paint an even more powerful portrait of the whole experience. From the start of the wedding where there is great excitement and anticipation to the beauty in the ceremony and the vibrancy of the function. 

Each of these components create a layered lens in every image - weaving together a story that is filled with great emotion, love, laughter and champagne.

Neil Saul Photography - turning moments into memories 

How to...dazzle like a diamond by Neil Saul

Ready to shine?

When it comes to an event, special occasion or sparkling celebration, many clients ask me: how do I ensure that I come across in the best possible light for the photography?

Well, the simple answer is: delegate, delegate, delegate. It means that one can focus on being fabulous rather than flustered.

The key to success in any busy event is to ensure that you have friends and suppliers to take care of the finer details. I always say to clients that this is your moment to enjoy the time catching up with friends or chatting with loved ones.

It's not the time to be worrying about capturing that photo or serving an en extra plate of food to a guest. 

The outcome?

It means that when photos are captured they are of moments when you are feeling relaxed and really enjoying yourself with delightful conversation, laughter and smiles.

The best moments happen when you almost forget about the clock ticking and you are immersing yourself in music, dance, conversation and food.

When I sit down with clients to show them photos of their events, I love it when they look at a photo and are transformed back to that particular moment.

When they are dazzling like a diamond. - turning moments into memories 





How to...unleash creative photography by Neil Saul

As I say to all my clients, photography for me is all about storytelling.

It's about the limitless possibility that a moment can capture, bringing to life the nuances and atmosphere through a snapshot in time.

I'm constantly amazed by the process of photography and feel privileged to be able to turn moments into memories for a diversity of clients.

When it comes to creativity, I try and open the door to new techniques, compositions and ideas tailored to the particular photo session.

From backdrops to black & white, macro shots to wide angle layouts - the beauty of photography is that there are endless ways to infuse creativity in each and every image.

What I love in the process of photography is experimenting with a range of variables to create images that speak to the viewer and tell a tale or two of adventure. For me it's about having fun with the process - trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. 

The final product is often one achieved through creative experimentation, using light and colours to create photography that brings to life a theme or subject.

The next time you are looking through your photos, consider which one expresses your true creativity.

Sometimes it's from a different perspective or angle that an entirely new and interesting photo is formed. 

One moment at a time. - turning moments into memories

How to...remember by Neil Saul

What did you do on this day last week...last month...or last year?

Like grains of sand on a beautiful stretch of beach, we all have countless moments and memories layered upon each other over days, months and years.

And then all it takes is a fragrance, an image, a texture of a photo to take you back to a particular time and place. To a moment. A memory.

This is what I adore about photography.

The ability to capture a specific emotion, expression, story, occasion, festivity and more. It's about weaving the magical light and rays of intrigue into an image that preserves the dialogue, ambiance, feelings and sentiment. Capturing it like a sparkling scene in a crystal bottle that can be revisited again and again to take you back to that moment in time.

So when it comes to remembering all your moments in 2015, what will they be?

A special dinner. The twinkling lights of a marvellous evening of laughter and tales. Clinging onto loved ones in moments of grief. Sharing your favourite wine with family and friends. Taking that step onto the top of that hill with a breathtaking view. Closing the book on a vivid story of wonder. Chewing popcorn at that fabulous new film that took you to another place. Passing a slice of your birthday cake to a guest as you caught up on news. Touching down on the tarmac in a city of spices, warmth of character and charm. Planning a party to toast to all good things.

The list is endless. And unique. 

Because they are your moments.
Your memories.
To reflect on, relive and reminisce.

So as you bring in the New Year, shuffle through your photos from the past year and take some time to immerse yourself in the images and all the splendour, joy, sadness and hope they bring.

Like a palette of colours, with blues and oranges and shimmering shades - telling stories that are creative and uniquely you.



How to...make a splash by Neil Saul


Through the diversity of work I create at Neil Saul Photography, I just adore learning about different mediums and subject matter.

When it comes to the fluidity and elegance of water, there are a limitless amount of perspectives and lessons one can learn.

What do you see when you look at the image above?

A swirl of fabulous potential.

Showing up as the best version of yourself.

Flying from opportunity to opportunity, embracing every angle.

What I adore about taking photography of water is that there are so many ways and forms in which to capture the beauty and breathtaking delight of how it transforms and moves through space. 

It reminds me again why I adore photography - as a channel through which to see things from a diversity of perspectives.

From the individual droplet to the splash of a wave.


How to...look at the sky with wonder by Neil Saul


When was the last time you stopped, took a moment and looked up at the glorious sky?

What I LOVE about photography is the ability to see a diversity of images in any setting or scene. It's all about the attention to detail and being able to capture the small moments as well as the large ones.

As many of my clients know I am completely pet-obsessed! For those of you who are lucky enough to have a pet or a friend who has a pet, have you ever looked at how their pet navigates this wonderful world that we live in? They look here, there and everywhere...exploring the spectrum of objects, movement and experiences in every new environment.

This is what photography is about. It's a constant movement of light and images, that can be captured and recorded in the click of a button. That is what amazes me on every single client photoshoot that I am privileged to attend! 

So the next time you are wandering about, take a moment, to look up this dazzling sky and awe inspiring environment that we all live in.

A sea of possibility where the sky's the limit and each setting is another opportunity for turning moments into memories.

How to...sparkle by Neil Saul

Neil Saul Photography weddings

Ready to sparkle with shimmering delight?

I just adore the diversity of details at a wedding and special celebrations.

Wherever you look there are beautiful moments to capture in the frame of a camera. From the shimmering fabrics to the elegant decor - it's a myriad of moments waiting to be bottled and cherished forever.

At a recent client consultation, we were going through a photo album I prepared from the series of images at the wedding and the client couldn't believe how many moments there were on the day that they hadn't even seen! 

It can be such a busy day for my clients that as a photographer I love telling a story. Bringing to life the event with photography that focuses on attention to detail. It's the small things that really come together to play a large role in telling the story of the family, friends and couple.

So the next time you are at an event, celebration or wedding, look around and absorb the endless delight of the sparkling details, shimmering atmosphere and joyous light.

How to...tell a story by Neil Saul

Fresh wedding flowers!

They are just divine. The gorgeous aroma and the beautiful colours. I love capturing all the fine details at an event - from the flowers to the table settings, the lights and the food. There are so many wonderful details to photograph.

This is what I love about photography. All the individual images come together to tell a story - your story. One that is creative and uniquely YOU. From the diversity of shades and light, to the beauty of sparkles and shimmering fabrics, there are always a range of options to photograph at any glamorous event.

I often find that there are so many details I could capture, it's hard to decide what to photograph first! It tends to be that the small details can tell so much about an occasion. The beautiful textures, patterns and colours.

The next time you are at a special occasion, take a moment to look at the all the marvellous details!



How to...make an entrance by Neil Saul


Ready to WOW your guests?

I always tell my clients at Neil Saul Photography that the best photography comes from a grand entrance, gorgeous architecture and a setting that oozes style and elegance.

The secret to any good photograph is to capture the essence of a scene, event or special occasion. I just adore using a wide angle lens to absorb the joy of a celebration by framing the photography with the surrounding environment, architecture and decorations. 

When it comes to creating a moment to remember it's all about symmetry, complementary colours and attention to detail.

So the next time you are on a photo shoot, have some fun with it and look for a grand entrance, spiral staircase or some other interesting perspective!


How to...sparkle with love by Neil Saul


Looking for a photographer to capture your special occasion?

I just adore working with my clients and being a part of their celebration. It's such a privilege to be able to use the power of photography to turn moments into memories.

The key to producing stand out photos at a party or event is to create a contrast of colours and backdrops that evoke the joy and sparkling atmosphere.

My clients often tell me that they love being able to enjoy the celebration knowing that they don't have to race around with their iPhone trying to take photos! They can pour themselves a crisp glass of sparkling champagne and enjoy the moment, catching up with guests, family and friends - knowing that a diversity of images are being captured by the official photographer.

Look no further than Neil Saul Photography for your next event!

How to...promote your property or product by Neil Saul


Looking to promote your property, interior design business or product?

What I love about my business Neil Saul Photography is meeting a diversity of clients and workshopping ways to capture photography that is creatively and uniquely specific to them.

It's all about bringing out the best of the product and showcasing a range of angles and perspectives to WOW the viewer. 

When it comes to real estate, property, interiors, textures, fabrics and design elements, I love using natural light to create photography that is clean, crisp and striking.

I always tell my clients who require property or design related photography that less is more. The composition of a photograph works well when there are clear lines of visual alignment and where the colours pop off the page - creating a vibrant image that draws in the viewer.

It's about putting the best photo forward, one picture at a time. 

Neil Saul Photography - turning moments into memories.

How to...celebrate in style by Neil Saul


Celebrating soon?

At Neil Saul Photography I just adore capturing all the festivity of parties, dinners and events. It's such an honour to be invited as the official photographer to special occasions and being able to partake in all the glittering enjoyment of a celebration.

There's always something magical about parties - the twinkling lights of excitement, the joyous atmosphere of friends catching up and the musical tones of laughter.

So what's the key to celebrating in style?

I've been fortunate to cover a diversity of parties and events and I find the best photography emerges when the atmosphere is relaxed and enjoyable against a vibrant backdrop of colours and sunlight. And that's what I love to capture in my photography.

Turning moments into memories.


How to...create, explore & innovate in 2015 by Neil Saul

When was the last time you read a great book?

One that made you turn the pages for more tales of adventure or visual splendour.

What I adore about photography and working with my diversity of clients is the ability to create and explore new areas of photography - trying out different framing techniques, lines of creativity and shades of genres.

It's all about reading, learning and delving into a myriad of topics.

From people to pets, property to products, projects to parties - Neil Saul Photography is set to leap off the page into photography adventures in 2015! 

How to...capture a moment by Neil Saul

It's all about light.



I always tell my clients at Neil Saul Photography that during a photoshoot session the most important thing is that people are enjoying themselves. It's a focus on being yourself and exuding that confident to let the light bounce off you and the surrounding environment to create photos that turn moments into memories.

What I adore about photography are the endless possibilities available around transforming light into photos of beauty, wonder and contemplation. 

Next time you are standing in the sunshine let yourself swirl about and feel the rays as they fall in different angles on you, casting shadows and shapes that dazzle. The luminescent nature of light means that there are a diversity of possibilities in creating depth and layers of storytelling through imagery that captures a moment.

Your moment.

How to...put your best paw forward by Neil Saul


What question do I get asked the most?

Well, often it's: how can I put my best face, foot (or paw!) forward?

It's all about standing up in front of the camera and OWNING it.

Being yourself and letting the aura of light and energy around you combine to create an atmosphere where the dazzling light bounces off you to create images that are vibrant and creative. 

I say to all my clients that the best photos happen when I can capture moments where emotions are happening: it might be joy or reflection, celebration or contemplation - the beauty in photography is the ability to turn moments into memories.

So the next time you are getting ready for a photo session, be open to just being yourself and enjoying the experience. 

The light, framing and photo will take care of itself.


How to...roll out the red carpet by Neil Saul


It's time to roll out YOUR very own red carpet!

Yes...there is no need for a glamorous invite to be received. 

We all have the power to put our best foot...or paw forward. Whether it be a new venture, a new meeting or an upcoming photo shoot, don't wait for a special "event" or "occasion" to be the very best that you can be.

I always say to my clients at Neil Saul Photography that natural light LOVES confidence, personality and vibrant energy. It's all about creating the mindset you want to take forward throughout the day as you journey along your own glittering red carpet of success.

Be bold. Be fabulous. Be YOU.

How to...have fun in front of the camera! by Neil Saul


When was the last time you had fun in front of the camera?

Sometimes it's all about do this, do that, smile here, pose there.

I always encourage all my clients - people and pets! - to be themselves and inject a large dose of humour into any photo session.

It's amazing the results I see when subjects are enjoying the moment and the light is bouncing off them with fabulous glamour and dazzling delight.

At Neil Saul Photography I'm all about people being authentic. Being yourself. And showing your unique personality!

Photography that is creative and uniquely YOU.


How to...connect with the camera by Neil Saul


At Neil Saul Photography I adore working across a diversity of subjects - and love working with adorable puppies!

It's amazing how much emotion can be shown in a photo by simply connecting with the camera.

I always tell my clients that in each photo session my aim is to create photography that is creative and unique to them, bringing out their personality and energy.

The best photos alway happen when one is engaged in the photo, connecting with the scene and talking to the camera.

Across all the pet photography sessions I have taken, it's fantastic to be able to bring out their emotions through colour, light and framing. 

So how does one connect with the camera?

It's about viewing the camera as your best friend, having fun with the photo shoot and just being yourself!